TE 2022 Manzhuan Gushu


Manzhuan is located in the six famous tea mountains to the east of Yiwu tea region, with an area of about 300km² and an altitude of 1100m.

This tea comes from a farmer that we’ve been in contact with for a few years now and decided it was finally the time to offer it. They separate their Gushu tea into two categories. Old trees and the most ancient ones. The taste is distinct and superior in the most ancient trees. More refined, elegant and clear. We decided to offer his most ancient trees and we are really impressed.

As for the tea profile itself, it has mandarin with icing sugar layers. A lovely mouthfeel and aftertaste. The tea does have a very slight astringency in the back which makes us believe that this tea will be even more impressive in a couple of years. Great to drink now and to age further.

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